What is DGM Global?

The Dedicated Grant Mechanism (DGM) is a community-led program designed to increase the role of Indigenous Peoples and local communities (IPLCs) in climate action and sustainable forestry. Most of the DGM's support is provided at local and national levels through DGM country projects, but it is also important for IPLC voices to be recognized and respected at regional and global scales. The Global Learning and Knowledge Exchange Project (DGM Global) works to meet this need.

Photo by stock_colors/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by stock_colors/iStock / Getty Images

Objective: to organize and facilitate knowledge exchange, learning and capacity building for IPLCs at regional and global levels, and to strengthen the networks and alliances of IPLC organizations within and across regions with a view to enhancing their representation and voice in regional and global policy fora.

Global Steering Committee

DGM Global works under the leadership and oversight of a Global Steering Committee (GSC) composed of IPLC representatives from each of the DGM pilot countries with active National Steering Committees, as well as a member from a non-DGM country to represent the broader priorities of IPLCs at regional and global scales. The GSC members meet once per year to review progress and set priorities for the coming year. They also participate in several subcommittees which meet more frequently and have ongoing responsibilities throughout the year.

The 4th Annual Meeting of the Global Steering Committee will take place from April 23-25 in Arlington, Virginia.

Idrissa Zeba

Burkina Faso

GSC Co-chair 2017-2019

Mina Setra


GSC Co-chair 2017-2019

Srewe Xerente


Kapupu Diwa Mutimanwa


Hayford Duodu


Manuel Aldrete


Daniel Maúla



Marilen Puquio Arturo/Jamner Manihuari Curitima

Peru (Alternating Representation)

Guy Moussele-Diseke

Republic of the Congo

Grace Balawag

Non-DGM (Philippines)