Dedicated Grant Mechanism for Indigenous Peoples Project

Project Document
US$6.5 million
Forest Investment Program Approval: June 2015
World Bank Approval: March 2015
Implementation: April 2015 - September 2019
National Steering Committee: List
National Executing Agency: Centro de Agricultura Alternativa do Norte de Minas (CAA/NM)

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Objective: Strengthening the engagement of the Cerrado’s indigenous peoples and traditional communities (IPTCs) in FIP, REDD+, and other climate change programs at local, national, and global levels, and contributing to improved livelihoods, land use, and sustainable forest management in their territories



With support from DGM Brazil, indigenous peoples, quilombolas, and traditional communities are implementing projects supporting natural resource management, responding to immediate threats, and strengthening market-oriented production. As of July 2018, DGM Brazil has approved 64 community-led subprojects.


Capacity Building

Community members are building their capacity for forest management and engagement with national programs with DGM support. In October 2017, DGM Brazil held a three-day seminar on “REDD+ and Indigenous Peoples, Quilombolas, and Traditional Communities” which had 72 participants learning how they could play a role in the reduction of emissions from deforestations and forest degradation.


Remote Project Management

DGM Brazil has implemented an online project management tool to enable easy communication despite the project’s vast implementation area in the Cerrado. Steering committee members and subproject implementers have been trained on the use of the program and DGM Brazil prepared video tutorials for additional support.