DGM Grievance Mechanism

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Feedback, questions, and grievances regarding the DGM Global Component may be sent in person, by telephone, email, or mail to:

DGM Global Executing Agency: Conservation International
Attn: Johnson Cerda
Address: 2011 Crystal Drive Suite 500, Arlington, VA, 22202, USA
E-mail: dgmglobal@conservation.org
Phone Number: (703) 341-2439

All grievances received by or elevated to the DGM Global Project, along with the status of actions in response to these grievances will be posted on this page. 

Grievances submitted or elevated to the DGM Global Project:

July 2016 - DGM Cote d'Ivoire

Status: Resolved as of December 20, 2017

 “The DGM GSC Grievance subcommittee acknowledges the notification of the official suspension of the DGM transitional process, and the cancelation of interim ‘transition’ committee in Cote D’Ivoire on October 24, 2016 – a government decision based on several local representative’s complaints about the National Steering Committee selection process at that time. Without taking a position on these decisions, and based on the information received, the DGM GSC Grievance sub-committee considers that the complaint has been addressed by the CDI government and that a process exists for communities to participate in the CDI DGM NSC selection process.  With this information, the DGM GSC Grievance subcommittee considers the CDI complaint closed.”

Any grievances related to specific DGM country projects, should be submitted directly to their respective National Executing Agencies.

DGM BrazilCentro de Agricultura Alternativa do Norte de Minas (CAA/NM)

DGM Burkina FasoIUCN Burkina Faso

DGM Democratic Republic of CongoCaritas Congo

DGM Ghana: Solidaridad

DGM IndonesiaSamdhana Institute

DGM Mexico: Rainforest Alliance

DGM Mozambique: World Wildlife Fund - Mozambique

DGM PeruWorld Wildlife Fund - Peru