Global Steering Committee

The DGM Global Steering Committee (GSC) oversees the Global Learning and Knowledge Exchange Project, provides intellectual and policy leadership to the full DGM program, and monitors overall implementation.  The GSC also has an important role in external interactions with contributor countries and other partners to advocate for IPLCs in international forums on climate change and REDD+. 

Summary - 3rd GSC Meeting, Brasilia, April 2017: English / Español / Français / Português



Mr. Kapupu Diwa Mutimanwa
Democratic Republic of the Congo - REPALEAC

Ms. Grace Balawag
Non-FIP Country Representative (Philippines) - Tebtebba



Mr. João Nonoy Krikati
Brazil - Terra Indigena Krikati

Mr. Idrissa Zeba
Burkina Faso - Fondation Naturama

Mr. Guy Moussele-Diseke
Republic of the Congo

Mr. Hayford Duodu
Ghana - Enchi district

Ms. Mina Setra
Indonesia - AMAN

Mr. Manuel Aldrete
Mexico - Consorcio Chiclero de Quintana Roo y Campeche

Mr. Daniel Maúla

Ms. Marilen Puquio Arturo & Mr. Jamner Manihuari Curitima
Peru - CONAP & AIDESEP (alternating representation)