Mexico - Dedicated Grant Mechanism for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities

CIF Project Page

Indicative Funding Allocation: US$6.0 million

National Executing Agency: Rainforest Alliance

Regions of Implementation: Yucatan, Jalisco, Oaxaca

Proposed Components:

Component 1 - Capacity building

Component 2 - Sustainable forest management initiatives

Component 3 - Monitoring and evaluation, reporting and communications

World Bank Task Team Leaders: Kristyna Bishop

National Steering Committee

  • Manuel Aldrete Terrazas (Chair)
  • Matilde Rosas Hernandez
  • Ignacio Yama Ek
  • Alfredo Manrique Huchim
  • Juan Ortegon Balam
  • Feliciano Ake Lopez
  • Juan Manuel Herrera Gloria
  • Ernestino Cipriano Ocaranza
  • Jesus Torres Reynaga
  • Celestino Osorio
  • Baltazar Gonzalo Lopez
  • Artemio Vargas Aquino
  • Carlos Perez Herrera
  • Miguel Tejero