Approved Funding: $6.5 million

Region of Implementation:  Cerrado ecosystem

Country Update

Brazil is the first country to have its Country Project Proposal approved by the World Bank.   It opened its first call for sub-project proposals from January to April of 2016; and has selected 41 proposals to fund.

National Steering Committee Members


  • Januario Tserendzaro Ruri’o         
  • Analia Tuxa                
  • Joao Nonoi Krikati            
  • Maria do Socorro Teixeira Lima
  • Jossiney Evangelista Silva


  • Srewe Xerente
  • Giba Tuxa
  • Valcelio Terena

National Executing Agency

Organization:  Centro de Agricultura Alternativa Do Norte de Minas—CAA/NM        

Contact:  Alvaro Carrara, the Project Coordinator for the Brazil DGM under CAA/NM

For more information, visit:

World Bank Task Team Leader

Mr. Alberto Coelho Gomes Costa