First Meeting of the DGM Global Steering Committee held in Bali

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Global Steering Committee members and observers in Bali

The first meeting of the DGM Global Steering Committee  was held in Bali from July 25-27.  Global Steering Committee members from Brazil, DRC, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, and the Philippines attended, as well as observers from the World Bank, Climate Investment Funds, Norway's International Climate and Forest Initiative, Conservation International-Indonesia, and the DGM National Executing Agencies from Brazil and Indonesia.  The meeting was organized by Conservation International, the Global Executing Agency (GEA) for the DGM.

Updates were provided by each country, and a presentation was given by a World Bank representative on the six new countries that have joined the FIP: Nepal, Mozambique, Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Ecuador and Guatemala.  The Steering Committee agreed to adopt the Rules and Procedures document presented by the GEA, as well as the 1- and 5-year work plans and budgets presented, with the understanding that certain recommendations be incorporated.  The current co-chairs of the committee, from DRC and the Philippines, were selected to serve in that role for the next two years.  It was determined that the next annual meeting of the DGM Global Steering Committee will be held in DRC.

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