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Projet d'appui aux communautés dépendantes des forêts

Project Document
US$6.0 million
Forest Investment Program Approval: June 2015
World Bank Approval: April 2016
Implementation: April 2016 - July 2021
National Steering Committee: List
National Executing Agency: Caritas Congo, ASBL

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Objective: Strengthening the capacity of targeted indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLCs) in selected territories and at the national level to participate in REDD+ oriented land and forest management activities


Capacity Building

DGM DRC provides tailored support and capacity building on administrative and financial management issues and supports information sharing on REDD+ and its impacts with IPLCs. This ranges from support for IPLC engagement in policymaking at the national level to enhancing knowledge of forests and land tenure at the local level.



The project also provides grants to communities to support sustainable livelihoods, primarily through commercial development of the communities’ natural and cultural resources. Examples could include agroforestry, marketing of non-timber forest products, soil and water conservation, and women’s economic empowerment.



While each DGM project has a grievance redress mechanism, DGM DRC has enhanced theirs through a partnership with the Indigenous and Local Peoples Network for Sustainable Management of DRC Forest Ecosystems (REPALEF). REPALEF Focal Points can be found in each project area with DGM motorbikes for mobility. Through this partnership, DGM DRC has made its grievance redress mechanism more accessible and enduring.