Saweto Dedicated Grant Mechanism for
Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities

Project Document
US$5.5 million
Forest Investment Program Approval: May 2015
World Bank Approval: September 2015
Implementation: October 2015 - September 2020
National Steering Committee: List
National Executing Agency: WWF Peru

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Objective: Supporting indigenous peoples in selected communities in the Peruvian Amazon in their efforts to improve their sustainable forest management practices


Community Organizations

DGM Peru engages with the country’s native communities through partnerships with national and regional organizations, each representing several communities. At the national level, AIDESEP and CONAP form equal halves of the project’s National Steering Committee, each of which represents nine regional organizations which can implement DGM subprojects.


Recognition and Titling

One of the main focuses of DGM Peru is the enhancement of native community rights and land tenure. By strengthening their rights to their land, communities can help protect their lands and forests from illegal encroachment. The project has goals of supporting 310 native communities to achieve legal recognition and 130 communities to have their lands titled.


Natural Resource Management

DGM Peru also funds small community-led subprojects that contribute to sustainable forest management and improve food security and income generation. These subprojects focus on agroforestry, food security, and management of non-timber forest products. DGM Peru has set aside $500,000 for subprojects proposed and/or led by women.