Dedicated Grant Mechanism for Indigenous Peoples Project - Brazil

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Funding: US$6.5 million
 - World Bank Approval: March 3, 2015
 - Forest Investment Program Approval: June 18, 2015

National Executing Agency (NEA): Centro de Agricultura Alternativa do Norte de Minas (CAA/NM)

Region of Implementation: Cerrado Biome

Project Development Objective: (i) Strengthen the engagement of Cerrado Biome's indigenous peoples and traditional communities in FIP, REDD+ and similar climate change oriented programs at the local, national and global level, and (ii) contribute towards improving livelihoods, land use and sustainable forest management in their territories.

Project Components:

Component 1: Sustainable and Adaptive Community Initiatives

Component 2: Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening

Component 3: Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation

World Bank Contact: Alberto Coelho Gomes Costa

National Steering Committee


  • Januário Tseredzaro Ruri’õ
  • João Nonoy Krikati       
  • Anália Aparecida da Silva                
  • Johnny Martins de Jesus       
  • Maria do Socorro Teixeira Lima
  • Jossiney Evangelista Silva
  • José Ari Braga*
  • Renata Corrêa Apoloni*
  • Gabriella Guimarães*


  • Valcélio Terena Figueiredo
  • Srewe da Mata Brito
  • Valcelio Terena
  • Gilberto Barros
  • Lucely Moraes Pio
  • Mayk Honnie Gomes de Arruda
  • Elmy Pereira Soares
  • Rodrigo Medeiros*
  • Carolina Carvalho*

*Government representatives