Dedicated Grant Mechanism for
Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities

Project Document
US$6.0 million
Forest Investment Program Approval: May 2017
World Bank Approval: September 2017
Implementation: October 2017 - February 2022
National Steering Committee: List
National Executing Agency: Rainforest Alliance

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Objective: Strengthening the capacity of forest-dependent people from selected states to participate in local, national, and international REDD+ related processes



DGM Mexico’s subprojects focus on conservation and integration of sustainable productive activities into forest landscape management. Funded subprojects should improve community livelihoods, increase community participation in forest landscape management, support climate change mitigation and adaptation, and encourage participation of women, youth, and those without land (avecindados). Funding for DGM Mexico subprojects goes through two windows: one for financial/market-oriented inclusion and one for social inclusion. The financial inclusion window supports producer organizations and community enterprises by matching and leveraging resources to strengthen networks and increase market access for communities. The social inclusion window offers full funding to small, innovative proposals, with priority given to those submitted by vulnerable social groups.

Local Community Promoters

DGM Mexico’s capacity building was designed to reflect a belief that the project’s targeted beneficiaries will learn most effectively through the leadership and example of their peers. DGM Mexico will select and train 20 qualified young professionals to become “local community promoters”, who will be trained in relevant topics and will be located within communities to identify and support promising subproject opportunities.