Strengthening Rights and Economies of
Adat and Local Communities

Project Document
US$6.5 million
Forest Investment Program Approval: December 2016
World Bank Approval: March 2017
Implementation: March 2017 - June 2021
National Steering Committee: List
National Executing Agency: Samdhana Institute

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Objective: Improving the capacity of participating indigenous peoples and local communities to engage in tenure security processes and livelihood opportunities from sustainable forests and land


Land Rights

One of DGM Indonesia’s main focuses is improved clarity and security of land rights for indigenous peoples and local communities. In November 2018, a group from Gerduren Village, including ten women, mapped the boundaries of their forest and village. They learned how women can play an important role in resolving boundary disputes through their knowledge and stories of these disputes.



DGM Indonesia also has subprojects focused on development of sustainable livelihoods. In October 2018, the Sor Silai Foundation, with DGM support, held a skills training for indigenous women of the Arui Das village on managing non-timber forest products. This was part of a series of trainings aimed at protecting forests through improvement of the household economy.


Policy Engagement

Another pillar of DGM Indonesia is support for community engagement in policy processes and dialogues. The project provides capacity building for policy analysis, communication, and regulation writing to promote community engagement. In October 2018, the Institute for Research and Development of Resources and Environment, with DGM support, held an advocacy training in the Gerduren Village to support their application for a Social Forest Utilization License.