DGM indigenous peoples and local community leaders at COP22 in Marrakesh

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Indigenous peoples and local community leaders from around the world came to Marrakesh to contribute to the agenda for the action of Paris Agreement. The Dedicated Grant Mechanism for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities has coordinated the participation of 8 leaders from Asia, Africa and Latin America prepared to focus on providing inputs mainly related to Climate Finance, NDCs, NWP, Adaptation as well as Lulucf, agriculture among other important topics.

In preparation for their participation at COP22, the GSC delegation has actively participated in the DGM Global Workshop on Climate Policy and Finance and the International Indigenous Peoples Forum on Climate Change. GSC members will be sharing the implementation experience in several events in the blue and green zone of COP22, in an effort to demonstrate how IPLCs are strengthening their experiences to contribute for climate action after the Paris Agreement.

Further, the delegation will be meeting daily to exchange information gathered while observing the negotiations and provide updates on decisions made during the sessions relevant to IPLC issues.