DGM Ghana holds 2nd NSC Training Meeting!

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This past week, from November 27th to December 1st, The National Executing Agency (Solidaridad Network) for the Ghana Country Project held their 2nd National Steering Committee (NSC) meeting and technical training for DGM Field Officers and NSC Members. The training took place in the Noda Hotel in Kumasi, Ghana and welcomed 13 NSC members (11 men and 2 women) that came from different regions of Ghana. The training provided a space for the NSC members to express their questions and comments regarding the DGM grant manual, build towards consensus on the NSC governance structure, and discuss the roles and expectations of NSC members in the implementation of the DGM. The expected outcome of this training is that NSC’s will gain a better understanding of the NEA as a resource, community engagement and project facilitation at the community level, the procedure for project appraisals, and the progress and next steps for DGM Ghana. Furthermore, a portion of the training will be dedicated to training the NSC and opening the workshop for discussion on the value of gender inclusion in the DGM project, the national and international context and frameworks for climate change and REDD+, climate impact and vulnerability of local communities, and the DGM’s strategy for communication and training. Based off what they have learned from the training and discussions, the NSC members will then have the opportunity to use their time together to work collaboratively on designing new regional operational strategies for implementation. A more detailed update on the outcome of training will be made available next week. Stay tuned!

Agenda is attached. 

Photo credit by Hayford Duodu

Photo credit by Hayford Duodu

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