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Three Ways to Maximize Benefits from Natural Resources for Local Communities

In Mozambique, majority of people live in rural areas and their livelihood relies heavily on the country’s substantial natural capital. Forests, wildlife and agriculture contribute significantly to the income and food supply of rural communities. Ensuring the sustainability and resilience of the natural resource base while ensuring communities benefit from those resources is critical for rural development. To accomplish this goal, the Mozambique Dedicated Grant Mechanism for Local Communities project (MozDGM) is employing a value chain development approach.

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DGM Brasil Launches Project Management System with Training for Beneficiaries

The initiatives of the Cerrado peoples supported by DGM Brazil participated in workshops for the preparation and adaptation of projects in Montes Claros, Cuiabá and Brasília during the second half of 2018. The activities were designed to empower the leaders of each initiative in SIGCAA when they were submitted to the system

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DGM Brasil’s National Steering Committee Get Together in Brasília for First meeting of the Year

On February 14 and 15 in Brasilia, Brazil (DF), Indigenous, quilombolas and traditional communities representatives of the National Steering Committee (CGN) of DGM Brasil got together for the 6th ordinary meeting.

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