Delegates Arrive for the 2nd DGM Global Steering Committee Meeting

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Mr. Moussele-Diseke Guy, member of Baka indigenous peoples, is one of the first delegates to arrive in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo to participate in the Second Annual DGM Global Steering Committee (GSC) Meeting. Mr. Moussele-Diseke Guy is native to the Impfondo area in the Republic of Congo, which is one of the second group of countries approved for DGM allocations by the Forest Investment Program in 2015.


The DGM in Congo currently has an interim Steering Committee and is holding consultations with indigenous peoples to establish the DGM National Steering Committee. Mr. Moussele-Diseke Guy has participated in activities related to UNREDD and also the FCPF and believes that what has been missing from these initiatives is consultation with indigenous peoples. He is motivated that working with the DGM it will be possible to strengthen the role of indigenous peoples of the Republic of Congo in climate change and REDD+ policy discussions. In Congo, indigenous peoples have been recognized by the Law since February 2011, and the Article 1 prohibited the use of the term “Pygmy”, which was considered offensive and punishable under penal code.

The Second Annual DGM Global Steering Committee meeting will include exchange of experiences between DGM Country Projects and the Global Project, update on current and upcoming DGM activities, approval of a Program Logical Framework, and approval of the Year 2 Work Plan for the Global Project. Many activities to strengthen indigenous and local community leaders held at regional and global levels will be organized in Year 2. At the opening of the meeting, Mr. Kapupu Diwa, Co-chair of the GSC and a member of a bambuti community of the Kivu region of DRC, is encouraged by the leaders present for the event. The meeting is taking place at DRC's National Executing Agency, CARITAS, from April 25-27, 2016.