Burkina Faso

Dedicated Grant Mechanism for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities - Burkina Faso

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Funding: $4.5 million
 - FIP Approval: June 18, 2015
 - WB Approval: September 16, 2015

National Executing Agency (NEA): IUCN Burkina Faso

Regions of Implementation: 

  • Boucle du Mouhoun - Gassam, Dedougou, Douroula, Ye, Gossina, Tcheriba, Oury, Siby, Boromo
  • Centre-Ouest - Dassa, Kyon, Tenado, Zamo, Zawara, Bakata, Sapouy
  • Centre-Sud - Sapone, Doulougou, Ipelce
  • Est - Matiacoali, Kantchari, Partiaga
  • Sud-Ouest - Diebougou, Dissin, Zambo, Tiankoura, Nako, Bouroum-Bouroum, Midebdo, Batie, Boussoukoula, Kpuere

Project Development Objective: Strengthen the capacity of targeted Local Communities (LCs in five regions of Burkina Faso to participate in the REDD+ programs at local, national and global levels.

Project Components:

Component 1: Development of managerial, technical capacities and skills of local communities

Component 2: Support the development of economic and sustainable natural resource management activities

Component 3: Coordination, management, monitoring and evaluation

World Bank Contact: Lucienne M. M'baipor

National Steering Committee

The National Steering Committee (NSC) is composed of 25 representatives: 11 voting members representing eight regions, and 14 observers representing government, civil society, private sector, collective territories, multilaterals, and the National Executing Agency.

Voting Members

Lankoandia Thiombiano
Association Faune et Développement au Burkina (AFAUDEB)

Ayouba Benao
Union des Groupements de Gestion Forestière (UGGF) de Sapouy Bia

Emmanuel Ilboudo
Association Vive le Paysan (AVLP)

Ikoro Some
Association ZANTAR

Noel Dolly
GGF de Bouroum Bouroum
Bouroum Bouroum/Gaoua

T. Gustave Some
Association ZO-FAAWIE

Gouaylè Banaon
Groupement des chasseurs de Dédougou

Assita Lamien/Dao
Association JIGISEME

Jean Hubert Bako
Union des Groupements de Gestion Forestière (UGGF)

Bernadette Essie
Union des Groupements de Gestion Forestière (UGGF)

Tidiane Ouedraogo
Association pour la promotion de l’environnement


National Executing Agency (IUCN-Burkina Faso)

  • Moumini Savadogo

Government Representatives

  • Samuel Yeye
  • Moubassiré Sigue
  • Amadou Wangrawa
  • Louis Sawadogo

Civil Society Representatives

  • Aboubacrine Saoudata
  • Alain Traore
  • Cecilia Some
  • Idrissa Zeba

Private Sector Representative

  • T. Eric Palm

Territorial Collective Representatives

  • Nouhoun Coulibaly
  • Jean Emmanuel Poda

Technical and Financial Partners

  • Emmanuel Nikiema
  • Mohamed Aly Ould Cheickh Ahmed